EXTENDED Thru Jan 29th "Opus" (Redtwist Theatre): Magnum OPUS...Bravo!

I played the clarinet in grade school.  I loved music and wanted to be part of creating it.  When a bass clarinet was discovered in the school basement, I was asked to play it.  Since it was old, I was told if I didn’t think I’d get the note to not try for it.  This pretend playing advanced me into the city’s honor band.  They needed a bass clarinet.  I wasn’t gifted.  I wasn’t good.  But I loved being in a concerted effort to produce music.  So, I faked my part to stay in the orchestra.  Every once in awhile, I would get caught up in the surround sound and try for a note.  A loud squeak would always remind me that I didn’t really belong in the group.

Redtwist Theatre - OpusRedtwist Theatre presents the Chicago premiere of Opus.  A well-established string quartet has hit a bad note.  The musical genius of the group has gone off his medication.  He is a little buggy.  The group has fired him and is interviewing for his replacement.  They stumble on a young woman.  She has limited experience but is naturally gifted.  The trio employ her as their fourth.  Her presence changes the dynamic.  Is it because she’s inexperienced, a woman, more talented?  Yes!  Their next gig is to play at The White House.  Can they find harmony in the discord?  Opus is a masterpiece.

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