"We Are These Hands" (The Right Brain Project): Riveting Futuristic Fantasy!

I recently read the “Hunger Games” series.  I was completely engrossed in this futuristic world.  It’s set in a time where the divide between the destitute and the privilege is massive.  The poor are starving.  The rich are gluttonous.  The disturbing storyline of these books still haunts me.  The government is starving people into submission.  Kids are killing kids for televised entertainment. I believe it could all happen.

Philip Winston and Cassidy Shea Stirtz star in Sheila Callaghan's WE ARE NOT THESE HANDSThe Right Brain Project presents the Chicago premiere of We Are Not These Hands.  It’s the future.  The capitalists have imploded the economy.  Families have separated.  Kids are surviving on the streets.  It’s a shoeless, foodless, moneyless existence. Moth and Belly dream of escaping from this impoverished society.  Belly’s family has already gone ‘across the river.’  It’s the utopia destination!  ‘Across the river’ is a better life.  The problem is getting ‘across the river.’  Leather is a newcomer to their area.  He has come from ‘across the river’ to research their culture.  Moth and Belly see him as their way out.  The problem?  He likes it in their world.  It’s cheap.  It’s less demanding. And he is getting laid.  We Are Not These Hands is a riveting futuristic fantasy about wanting more or less… depending on your river side.

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