"Under The Blue Sky" (Steep Theatre): 2 x 3= sex (+/- love)

Under the Blue sky - Steep Theatre Chicago

High school is in an education in drama.  With so many raging hormones under one roof, it’s an ongoing lesson in Love 101. Does he like like me?  Will she go all the way?  Is he a virgin?  But this time it’s not the kids in the hall.  These questions are a test for the teacher.

Steep Theatre presents the Midwest premiere of Under the Blue Sky.  Teachers pair up in a three act love story.  Helen and Nicholas are friends with limited benefit.  Helen wants to move forward…together.  Nicholas wants to move.  Michelle and Graham aren’t a couple.  Their friendship has a warped neediness.   And when Michelle wants to make her current fling jealous, she defaults to Graham.  Anne and Robert are companions.  They lunch and travel together.  Their barrier to romance is a 20-year separation.  Teachers at school know all the answers.  Teachers at home are still trying to figure it out. Under the Blue Sky probes the problems behind the love equation.  2 x 3= sex (+/- love).

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