"Tales of Hoffmann" (Lyric Opera): Fall in Love with Falling in Love Hoffmann Style!

Erin Wall, James Morris - Tales of Hoffman, Lyric Opera

At a tavern, a guy drinks too much and starts telling stories.  Sounds like an ordinary pub tale but at The Lyric nothing is ever ordinary.

The Lyric Opera of Chicago presents The Tales of Hoffman, a French opera fantastique in three acts.  A poet is looking for loving inspiration.  He seeks it from a diva, a robot, an invalid and a hussy.  On his romantic quests, Hoffmann is accompanied by his muse and his nemesis.  The muse is incarnated as his sidekick, Nicklausse.  His nemesis changes personas to thwart each love chapter.  Despite his track record with the ladies, Hoffmann keeps putting himself out there.  Or is it all in his head?  The Tales of Hoffman is a playful poetic journey to find true love.  Read the rest of my review at Chicago Theater Beat.

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