"Pluto is Listening" (Infusion Theatre Company): Timely Fantasy Based in Reality... but whose?

Josh Hambrock and Corrbette Pasko - Pluto Is Listening, Infusion

Being labeled a *dwarf* can be hard to take.  Bullying has no earthly boundaries. InFusion Theatre Company presents the world premiere of David Parr’s Pluto Is Listening.  Two kids are drawn into each other’s worlds.  The misfits are outsiders at school.  They dress, talk and act differently than their classmates.  And they are persecuted for it.  When the planet Pluto is being downgraded to a *dwarf planet*, they rally in its defense.  Coming to Pluto’s rescue bonds these childhood chums over a seventeen year period… not necessarily in order.  Since the avid sci-fi enthusiasts embrace wormholes, pigeons, and drugs, their relationship takes on a paranormal quality.  Pluto Is Listening is a timely fantasy based in reality… but whose?

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