Early Xmas Present "The Pitmen Painters" (TimeLine Theatre) Extends thru Dec 18th

Pitmen Painters - Timeline Theatre 3

‘Art is a place you can understand your whole life from.’

TimeLine Theatre presents the Chicago premiere of The Pitmen Painters.  In a northern mining town in England, a group of men strive for self-improvement.  They hire a professor to teach them art appreciation.  As the teacher showcases famous paintings, the guys lose themselves in the art. They are REALLY lost. They don’t get it! Because they’ve never experienced art, they can’t appreciate it.  To help them find meaning in art, the teacher has them create their own. Collectively and individually, they paint their way out of a cave. But are they ready to be appreciated as artists?  The Pitmen Painters is the creative expression of what happens when the paint dries.  Read the rest of my review at Chicago Theater Beat.

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