"The Amish Project" (American Theatre Company): SEE IT!

On October 2, 2006, ten Amish girls were shot in their classroom.  The massacre stunned the nation.  But what occurred next, really was shocking.  The Amish community forgave the assailant.  The American Theatre Company presents The Amish Project.  Based on the actual events in Nickel Mine, Pennsylvania, Playwright Jessica Dickey retells the story from different Sadieh Rifai is unforgettable in American Theater Company's 'The Amish Project,' by Jessica Dickey, directed by PJ Paparelli. (photo credit: Michael Brosilow)community members’ perspective.  A young Amish girl playing with chalk.  A woman watching the news on her treadmill.  The University professor acting as media spokesperson.  The widow shopping for moisturizer.  A pregnant teenager preparing for a speech.  The milkman not finishing his route.  Each point of view starts from an ordinary day-in-the-life-of and then reacts to the horror.  In the aftermath, the Amish community asks for donations to the killer’s widow and sons.  The merciful gesture ripples through the town.  The impact is extraordinary!  And in this show, it’s more astonishing because the entire community is played by one woman.  The Amish Project inspires for its simplistic and abstract truths.

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