"Cyrano" (The House Theatre of Chicago): Nose You'll Love It!


Meredith Lyons, Jon Beal, Shawn Pfautsch, Justin Verstraete in Cyrano - House Theatre Chicago

‘My enemies are coward, compromise and vanity.’  Why wouldn’t a guy reveal his romantic feelings to his gal pal? Could it be as plain as the nose on his face?  The House Theatre of Chicago presents an original adaptation of Edmond Rostand’s “Cyrano de Bergerac.” Cyrano is the classic tale of a poet-swordsman and his big old schnoz.  Cyrano and Roxanne are friends.  He loves-loves-loves her.  She is oblivious.  Roxanne sees Christian.  It’s love at first sight!  But is he just a pretty face?  Yep!  So, Cyrano steps in to help him seduce Roxanne.  She falls for him.  But who ‘him’? ThisCyrano doesn’t need to worry… love is certain!

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