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Chicago Theatre Off Book is the new voice of community collaboration on CHIRP, Chicago Independent Radio Project.  Every week,  Off Book will feature Chicago leaders in performing arts entertainment.  From small storefront to the big warhorses, Off Book will focus on what’s happening on the Chicagoland theatrical landscape.  With reviews, interviews and one-minute  audio-plays, Off Book will showcase the local talents driving Chicago’s dynamic theatre force.  Hosted by Actor Joshua Volkers and Reviewer Katy Walsh from The Fourth WalshOff Book is where Chicago meets to discuss innovation.

Chicago Theatre Off Book, September 21, 2011  

Review Round-up from The Fourth Walsh

“For The Boys” - Marriott Theatre, Lincolnshire

“Corazon de Manzana” - Mortar Theatre at DCA Theatre

“A Walk in the Woods” - TimeLine Theatre at Theatre Wit

Special Guests:  

Kris Vire, TimeOut Chicago 

Bob Bullen, Chicago Theatre Addict and Chicago Like A Local


Got A Minute? The Regular American Conversations in Recent American History Minute” -Episode 1  written by Brett Neveu

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