"Colin Quinn: Long Story Short"(Broadway in Chicago): A-musing on a-small-world-after-all phenomena!

The Greeks devised reality shows. The Romans originated the mafia.  The English invented contempt.  Progress?  Where? History just repeats!  Broadway in Chicago presents Colin Quinn: Long Story Short.  “Saturday Night Live” alum and comedian Colin Quinn brings his one man show to Chicago for a limited three week engagement.  It’s Mr. Q’s history of the world lesson. Quinn deconstructs the reigning empire of the time period and ties it into current American nonsensical ways.  Seeing the American rise to power from a 2000+ years perspective captivates for its brevity and  comparable manifestation.  Evolution & Assholes! We’ve seen it all before! Colin Quinn: Long Story Short is A musing on a-small-world-after-all phenomena.  Read the rest of my review at Chicago Theater Beat.

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