"PINKALICIOUS" (Emerald City Theatre) Prepare to be Tickled Pink!

Pinkalicious The Musical 3

“Just one more” is often the difference between satisfied and regret.  It’s the last happy thought before something bad happens.  In a startling example of you-are-what-you-eat, a little girl has one too many pink cupcakes.  Emerald City Theatre brings Pinkalicious to the Broadway Playhouse at Water Tower Place.

The Pinkertons are an average, every-day family.  Dad is at work.  Mom is at the computer.  The kids are playing… and eating.  A big platter of pink cupcakes entices the kids to overindulge.  Liking cookies better anyway, Peter stops eating.  Pinkalicious likes cupcakes more than cookies!!  She eats herself pink, literally.  She’s delighted at the change.  Her family is concerned. The doctor prescribes a steady diet of green foods to cure her Pinkititis.  Pinkalicious is an upbeat musical about taking time for a healthy dose of family, friends and food. Read the rest if review at Chicago Theater Beat AND LISTEN to Audio Podcast at ITUNES Chicago Theatre Reviews for Week of July 22nd Facilitated by Joshua Volkers with Katy Walsh.



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