Review "The Alchemist": Hilarious Long Con!

At Boho Theatre, 7016 N. Glenwood
Written by Ben Johnson
Adapted by Gregory Peters
Directed by Jack Dugan Carpenter
Thursdays, Friday, Saturdays at 8pm
Thru April 30th 
Running Time: Two hours and forty minutes includes an intermission
Reviewed by Katy Walsh
Love? Riches? Fairytalk?  Whatever you're in the market for, the alchemist is selling it for cash or velvet.  Nothing Special Productions presents THE ALCHEMIST.  A trio of swindlers conjure up dreamy elixirs for the villagers in need.  The scams are housed in a deserted mansion.  Dazzling promises lure the customers into the illusion. The people are foolish. The hoaxes are elaborate.  The payoff is pure gold.  THE ALCHEMIST guarantees riches and delivers it as prosperous laughs! 
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ALCHEMIST trio.jpg
Production photography courtesy of Michael Laird.

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