Review "HEDDATRON": Creative Chaotic Comedy!

Sideshow Theatre presents 



Reviewed by Katy Walsh

Hedda Gabler:  Ibsen's writing it.  Jane's living it.  Nugget's reporting it.  Robots are performing it.  Sideshow Theatre presents the Chicago premiere of HEDDATRON as part of the 2011 Steppenwolf Garage Repertory series.  Using documentary style film footage, HEDDATRON chronicles the recent robot led abduction of a woman.  Her husband has paired up with his small arms dealer brother to find her.  Meanwhile, her daughter is giving a theatre history report on the making of Hedda Gabler.  As Nugget muses the state of mind of the playwright, the Henrik Ibsen household struggles with relationship roles.  It's a triple play of past, present and future.  Flashbacks and forwards keep the intrigue riveting in separate segments.  A midpoint fusion of humans and robots flash mobs a "Turn Around" musical moment.  It's a showstopper that transports into a Sci-Fi realm. For a play based on a suicide drama, Sideshow Theatre has shot out a creative chaotic comedy!

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