Review "Circle Mirror Transformation": Inside the Actor's Studio

"Circle Mirror Transformation" Takes Audiences Behind the Curtain


Reviewed By Katy Walsh

The acting is brilliant in this production in which actors play people who are trying to be actors.

It's a two-hour, no-intermission staged reality show about theatre. A community center offers a 6-week creative drama course. A free-spirited teacher takes a class of 4 through weekly acting exercises. Read the rest of my review at Make It Better.

IMG_0407.jpgSIDENOTE:  The experience is unique!  Seeing a matinee, I was in an audience all a-twitter.  And I don't mean social media related.  Older individuals reacted with ongoing whispering during the play and informal polling 'did you like it?' after the play.  The elders around me seemed disappointed at the outcome.  CIRCLE OF TRANSFORMATION is an actual glimpse into the actors' studio.  Not everyone wants to see what's behind the curtain.   

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