Carnival Nocturne Theatre Review: Quirky, Murky, Malarkey

The Silent Theatre Company presents

Carnival Nocturne

At DCA Storefront Theatre

Conceived and written by Gillian Hastings

Direct by Tonika Todorova

Thru December 20th

 Words cannot express... because there are none. The Silent Theatre Company presents Carnival Nocturne, the story of a traveling circus plagued by a curse. Carnival Nocturne is the last of the three theatre company 2009 series produced by Chicago's Department of Culture Affairs (DCA) Theatre and performed at the Store Front Theatre. The play is performed with the music accompaniment of a live band and minimal vocal narration. It's a creative and challenging genre that is reliant on body language to convey the tale. There are no words to answer the questions that Carnival Nocturne provokes.

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