About The Former Chubette

I started my diet at age 8 and ended it at age 26. It wasn't always the same type of diet, but I was always struggling to lose the extra 10, 15, or 20lbs. I tried everything from Deal-A-Meal (I love you Richard Simmons and your booty shorts!), Slimfast (like eating cardboard) and the South Beach Diet. I also tormented my body with laxatives, diet pills, and starvation at times.

It wasn't until I decided to make an active choice to be healthy for my husband and for my family that I lost the weight. I wish I could say that I had one Cinderella moment, but there wasn't. I just lost it through exercise and eating healthier. I became a runner, too, and I actively participate in races year round!

Now, I am getting to know myself as a Former Chubette. And, as a member of the Former-Chubette-Club (FCC), I am learning how to maintain my weight loss while feeling Madonna-confident and sassy.