Red Velvet Cream Cheese Cookies Ruined my Waistline

I believe it was Kate Moss who once said, “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.” Well, that skinny Brit has obviously never tasted my red velvet cream cheese cookies.

You see I was skinny at the beginning of the summer; not Rachel Zoe-tiny but my size 4 pants were getting loose. Then, I rediscovered my love of baking. I don’t know how it happened, but, just like Forrest Gump decided one day to run, I decided to bake. And, I am good. Like any good baker, I always sample my treats and, 3 months later, just today….

I beheld the awesome power of my baking skills when I spied my muffin top in my bathroom mirror. I thought muffin top was a thing of the past in my life, just like scrunchies and clip-on earrings, but, just like that, it’s back. Who is at fault? Certainly not me; let’s blame it on my red velvet cookies.

Before I go on, let me set the record straight- I did NOT pull an Oprah or Kirstie Alley and gain back the 70lbs of baby weight that I lost. I DID gain back 6lbs, though, and each one of those lbs is hanging out at my waist, creating the dreaded muffin top.

Now, one of my best girlfriends is getting married next month and I am a bridesmaid and must be able to fit into my dress so I need to STOP BAKING RED VELVET CREAM CHEESE COOKIES (or really, any cookies, but especially those). I must admit, that as I write this, I have a tray of butterscotch caramel cookies cooling in the kitchen.

So, it’s back to dieting I go and, if any my co-workers, intern or friends are actually reading this, I am sorry, but no more cookies. You fatty bo battys will have to diet with me! Oh, and I am NOT going to share my red velvet cream cheese recipe with you; you will just gain lbs like me (you’re welcome for saving you guys from muffin top). Let’s all just be a little like Kate Moss now (minus the drug addiction).

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  • This is why I cannot have those types of treats in my house. I enjoy to bake, but if I bake it I eat it!

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