Combos or Corn Nuts?

Fourth of July weekend is upon us, and like millions of other Americans, I am going on a road trip. A 14 hour road trip. With a 10 month old. And, there's only one thing that is on my mind. One huge concern. Will I find the ever-elusive wild cherry M&Ms at a gas station along the way?

That's right. My main concern is snacks-good ole gas station snacks that vary by state, county, region and type of fuel station. I am delighted by the smorgasbord of Combos, Mountain Dew and Skittles that I will surely encounter on my drive from Chicago to New Orleans. After all, my local Mobil station lacks the silver bag Doritos (I don't even know what flavor they are; all I know is thay they come in a silver bag that reminds me of Christmas which is awesome!) BUT, I am convinced that a Flying J in Missouri, or perhaps, a Circle K in Tennessee will stock them.

Each time we fuel up our Chevy, I will be running inside to fuel my engine. And no, I will not be running on fruit, water or 5 hour energy. Pfft. This is a vacation! I will be filling up on Tab, tropical Skittles, and, if I can find them, Wild Cherry M&Ms. I have happened upon them only twice in my nearly 30 years- once, in Boston in October 2008 and again, in a downtown Chicago Walgreen's in December 2009. That's it. They are the Yetti of M&Ms; just when I think they aren't real, I spot them (and no one believes me because they are soo rare and hardly ever seen). If you see them, buy them. Buy 10 packs of them and then send me 9 packs and keep 1 for yourself. They ARE that good!

And, don't worry, I am keeping a log of interesting/rare/exciting new candies/chips/sodas at gas stations along my route. So, if anyone else will be traveling my same path, I will share my treasured treat knowledge with you.

Also, if any of you have any suggestions for amazing snack combinations i.e. Yoohoo, Coconut M&Ms and Cheddar and Sour Cream Ruffles, please do pass those along- it's a long way to New Orleans.

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