Double Diet

I am not alot of things.

I am not a Republican. I am not a fan of soap in bar form, condiments, candy that is not individually wrapped, most celebrity baby names and Sudoku. The list of things I am not is much longer than things I am.

One thing I am, without a doubt, is a lover...of snacks. Meals don't do it for me; I prefer to snack all day long. Every 2-3 hours, like my 6 month old daughter, I am hungry. Not sort of hungry or I-guess-I-could-eat hungry, but hungry like it's my last minute on Earth and  all I want is a Little Debbie.

I often wonder if my hunger is real or a figment of my imagination. I believe it is both. Sometimes, I do really need to chow down, but I know there are times when I just want ice cream dammit, and I will pout or endlessly complain to my poor husband, best friend, co-workers or intern(basically anyone who is within earshot) until I get it.

This morning, I finally realized that what is making me hungry IS my diet. It takes so much time to try to make healthy choices, log my calories online, exercise and, of course, complain about the whole process, that I am oftentimes completely depleted of energy and, thus, ravenous!

Since whining about my diet consumes so much  time, and is probably irritating my family, friends and co-workers to no end, I am putting myself on a new diet- an I-will-not-constantly-talk-about-food-and-or-bitch-about-not-being-able-to-eat-Popeyes-for-dinner diet.

I hope this new diet is more successful than my current one...

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