Truth or Diet

I have always been honest to a fault. If you ask me if you look fat in that dress, well, be prepared to hear YES. I expect the same honesty from my best friends, too. In fact, one of my best girlfriends once told me that I would look better 10lbs thinner, I agreed (although I was a bit miffed at her words). I lost those 10lbs and I looked (and felt better).

The only person I am in fact not always honest with is myself. My darling baby is 5 months old now and I still have 15 lbs of baby weight to lose. I’ve been stuck in a diet rut for 2 months now, and I only have myself to blame as I am not truthful when it comes to dieting. So, to cleanse myself of my diet sins, I will share some of them with you now:

  1. I log into religiously to record my daily caloric intake...However, I don’t finish my log most days, because I don’t like seeing the harsh red numbers on the screen when I am over my daily limit.
  2. I brought my Christmas stocking candy to the station to share with my co-workers...and, I hid the best candies (Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, duh) in my desk.
  3. Speaking of work treats, I am the first to indulge in candy/cakes/assorted baked goods left in the master control area...and no, those treats are not intended for me, but for the engineers...
  4. I suggested my intern try one of the Zingers left on my desk in the treat bowl, and I ate them…poor guy will never know the glory that is the Hostess Vanilla Zinger..sigh..


Now, I feel better. And now that I have confessed my treat transgressions to you all, I will try very hard to be honest with myself and diet truthfully. No, that’s not a lie.

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  • that was very brave of you to post this. I'm proud of you!! I haven't been logging into lately and I feel soooo guilty. It's such a good website. I have gained weight because I haven't been keeping track of what I've been eating and how much.. Thanks! I'll start today!

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