A Diet Time Out

Timeouts are usually a bad thing. Just ask any 6 year old kid. For me, I have never been more excited about a timeout in my life. Why? Because my timeout is from dieting. But, this timeout will only last 1 day- I swear!

I have been dieting for nearly 12 weeks now, with the exception of the occasional weekend Oreos/Pumpkin Pie/AnythingInMyKitchenThatIsn'tExpired binge, and I am sick of it! It's Thanksgiving next week, and I am going to wear my stretchy black dress. You know the one- all of us chubettes have that one dress, that one amazing LBD that no matter how many lbs we gain or loose, that sweet jersey material still hugs your body in all the right places. I am going to wear that dress and eat until I am full.

But therein lies the problem- I don't think I am EVER full. So, I seek the advice of my readers. All 3 of you. Where is that line between eating and eating too much? Is it a number of calories? Is it when my Spanx starting to squeeze me tighter than an anaconda? Or is it when the food is all gone, eaten by some relative who maliciously consumes the last piece of pumpkin pie?

Please help! I just ripped my last pair of Spanx pantyhose  yesterday and I don't want to spend another $12 in vain. If I can just figure out how to enjoy Thanksgiving and my diet timeout, without feeling guilt OR gaining weight, I'd be set.


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    When I used to get samples from sites like "Get Official Samples" I would spend about $120 a week I thought that was good because I always shopped at Safeway and my receipt said I had saved 18 percent.

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