It's Not My Birthday But I'll Eat Cake If I Want To!


Here's why I am the BEST wife in the world: I threw my husband not one but TWO parties this week for his birthday, I watched an entire Bears game (and feigned interest for the 3 hour painful duration), and I bought him a Bears cake and cupcakes for the respective parties.

Here's why I am the WORST wife in the world: I bought MY favorite kind of cake (cookie cake!!!) for his birthday party with loads of frosting (which my husband abhors but I adore!) AND the cupcakes? Also MY favorite kind, not his.

Yes, I am THAT woman. I am the woman who buys her favorite items on someone else's birthday. I hadn't planned on being a selfish little piggy, but when I got to Jewel this weekend, some evil alien part of myself took over my body and made me buy what I wanted. Honestly. I had the best intentions, but my inner-Chubette won.

The worst part? My husband was so happy about the parties that he didn't even care. He said he would rather me buy the kind of cake I want because he knows how happy cake makes me.

Now, FCCers, does this make him an enabler or the most awesome human being on the planet?



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