COVID-19 and Creativity

For a first post on this new Blog Page, the topic wasn't exactly one we drew out of a hat. Yet here we are. Sitting at home watching Netflix's entire 50,000-show library (Schitt's Creek is a gem), reading books, following the news until we hurl the remote at the screen, managing our children's stir craziness, eating and snacking, drinking before noon (totally acceptable), and other miscellaneous things are how we are coping with this COVID crisis. We are in this together...

So, welcome to this blog -- we are dedicated to the creators and artists of the world. That would be their work, their process, their emotional and mental roller coasters amid projects. The hope is to inspire fellow creatives in their pursuits. Join us on this journey and share your stories.

The dominant news of COVID-19 has sequestered many creatives (and those with creative loves -- which most, if not all, people do) to their hubs of happiness -- their projects. So, what a unique time to create what has burned in our bellies and souls for days, weeks, or years...maybe even since we were kids!

SO -- if you are out there with a creative craft, project, or idea in mind, GO FOR IT! Try something new. Discover a talent. REdiscover a talent. Pick up that paintbrush. Dust off the guitar. Be you, from the moment you were born of nothingness and appeared here on Earth to the now that is now discovering this for the first time. Live life in creation!


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