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Former Chicago Cub Carlos Zambrano Sells Lakeview Home

Former Chicago Cub Carlos Zambrano Sells Lakeview Home
Carlos Zambrano finally unloaded his Lakeview home for a loss. The house sits on an extra-wide lot and was designed in 2005 by Pat Landrosh (Pappageorge/Haymes). The house was listed for 2.3M back in December of 2012 and was under contract until April of 2013 when it was reactivated . For almost a year there... Read more »

What the Fukudome?

Chicago Magazine’s deal of the week is none other than Chicago Cub Kosuke Fukudome  In a string of athlete driven transactions (or attempted transactions) Fukudome has bought a home as trade rumors loom in the distance. The condo that Fukudome bought had been the building’s sales model; it was already finished with assorted upgrades from... Read more »

Dempster Diving: Another Chicago Athlete Home

Dempster’s Home on the 3600 block of Wayne Image Courtesy of Zillow We know you love a bit of voyeuristic celebrity sneak peaks.  As if Dustin Byfuglien wasn’t enough, we have moved to an athlete still playing for Chicago.Amidst reports that former Cub Ted Lilly had dropped his price again after being traded, we stumbled... Read more »