Putting Sexy Back - In Real Estate?!

Putting Sexy Back - In Real Estate?!
Image Courtesy Curbed Chicago

Curbed Chicago has quite the challenge on their hands: they have tasked themselves with finding Chicago's hottest real estate broker.

Some poor blogger is going to be tasked with going through picture after picture of the most attractive real estate professional here in Chicago.  So many beautiful people, so little time...

Curbed asks:

Is there a special someone you've been admiring from afar? Ever tour an apartment and spend more time checking out the broker than the space?


The danger?   Real estate agents are often known for their small egos and low self esteem. "Chicago's Hottest Broker" will only continue to inflate what may already be a large head.

Why bother?  -How else are you going to procrastinate at work?

(And yes, we answered a question with a question. Get over it.)


They are taking nominations through Sunday so if you know of someone (or if you think you are the fairest of them all- you can nominate yourself), submit your vote to chicago@curbed.com




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