Bad Agent Photos: For A Good Laugh

Meeting your agent for the first time is a lot like a date- do they really look anything like their picture?  One Chicago agent is practically a celebrity for his/her wildly outdated head shots.

That being said, these poor suckers are far worse off.  With sleazy gimmicky marketing, it is going to be tough to make a buck.


For agents considering creative marketing

Steer clear of urinal cake advertising, avoid these photographers, and beware the


Hiring an agent? 

Judge a book by it's cover.  If you are trusting them to represent your property- think about how they sell themselves.  If you are using an agent for buyer representation- how do they represent you?  Do you want your negotiator to scream "desperate used car salesman"?  How about "crazy cat lady"?


A special thanks to the reader who shared this gallery.  We hope it makes your day too...





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