How To Fire Your Agent: Breaking Up With Your REALTOR

How To Fire Your Agent: Breaking Up With Your REALTOR
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The Carpenters will tell you: "They say that breaking up is hard to do-o..."

Wanting to fire your agent is painful.  It's like any other break-up; awkward and personal.

The real question: do you procrastinate or just rip the bandage off?  Whether or not it is easier for you, in the long run, your agent will be appreciative if you just tell them instead of stringing them along.  You will save them time and they will be able to focus on their clients who want to work with them.  Agents are too familiar with the client that stops returning calls and answering emails.  They will keep calling and writing in the off chance you are just busy.  Do yourself a favor and spare yourself the awkward ignored calls and pangs of guilt.

Spine not as rigid as you would like?  Skele-Gro can't save you.  It's okay though, we forgive you.  You're too busy for showings Saturday, you're washing your hair.  We get it- it's easier this way.  If this is the case, just be sure you don't get caught cheating with another agent.  If you don't have an exclusive agreement signed

If you've signed a contract, buyer  or listing agreement, read the fine print.  You may be stuck with them for the interim but planing an exit strategy is key.  If you are committed to a listing agreement, sit down with your agent and discuss why you are unhappy.  Stay positive and try to avoid putting them on the defensive but let them know you are serious.   Who knows? They may surprise you.  In the meantime, it is okay to start interviewing other agents.  Make them aware of your current listing situation and, now that you have experience, let them know what you need from your real estate agent.  Also, think carefully about the term of any future agreements you sign.

If they are a personal friend then you need to play it by ear.  That conversation is never pleasant to have and only you know how to best tell your friend the bad news.  Simply be sure to keep it just business and reassure them that it doesn't effect your friendship unless it does.

Know that your agent will be hurt.  Remember, they aren't paid unless you close.  This may elicit tears <awkward>, yelling <ugly>, or excuse making <just plain sad>.  Do them a favor and try to listen and then when it is all said and done, move-on and move somewhere with someone else's help.



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