5 Tips for Staying Cool In Your Home

5 Tips for Staying Cool In Your Home
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With temperatures rising (and patience falling)- it seemed like the perfect time to discuss some tips for keeping yourself nice and cool while being sensible and saving some cents.  5 Cool Myths Debunked:

Crank Up That AC To Cool Down Quickly?

Unfortunately, cranking your AC up will not spare you even a moment of that sweltering heat.  The rate your units cools at will be the same, regardless of what you set it to.  Instead of giving your finger a workout by rushing to press that down arrow, get yourself a nice glass of water and sit still.  You don't need your place at 50 degrees so have it set to something reasonable and spend your energy doing something else.

The only difference (and yes, there is one)- if you have a controller with a high/medium/low setting, you can change the speed the fan blows cold air into your unit.  Many older high rises have these climate controls in lieu of thermostats and they will cool you down more quickly.  That being said, once you are comfortable with the temperature, don't forget to change it back to the previous setting.


Running Your AC 24/7

If you have a thermostat with a timer, just set it to cool shortly before you expect to be back.  There is no need to strain your system and throw away all of that money.  No timer?  Patience is a virtue and what better excuse to have a nice cold beer while you wait?


Energy Efficient Air Conditioners will Lower Your Bills

Many energy rated units reduce your utility bills by 10-15%. That being said, size matters.

if you buy a unit that is too large for the space you are trying to cool- you may end up missing out on any savings.   If your AC is too big for your space, it won't remove the humidity from the air and your home will be left cold and clammy. If the unit is too small, it will work like the little engine that just can't- never resting but never quite reaching the desired result.


Ceiling Fans Keep Your Room Cool

Thinking of leaving your ceiling fans on while you are out?  Think again.  Fans cool people- not rooms.  They create a nice breeze that will be unappreciated (and fairly useless) if left unattended.  **Fun tip: run your fan counter clockwise to create a downward breeze.


Where You Put Your AC

Not all spaces are created equally.  Try to avoid placing your air conditioner near fixtures or surfaces that generate heat.  Bright lights, Televisions, and sunny South and Western exposures all keep your AC working on overdrive.  Try avoiding these spaces


No air conditioning?  (Currently 157 homes on the MLS are listed as being without air conditioning)

If you are renting- it may be time to move.

Currently own?  Call an agent and set up some showings for this weekend.  (Thank us later)  In the meantime, hangout at Target or the movie theater keep cool.


Special thanks to Lori Bongiorno and Yahoo! Green for these great tips.  For the full article click here

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