Company Will Paint Your House & Pay Your Mortgage: The Catch?

Yes, there is a catch.

AdzookiePaintHouse.jpg Painted House has just launched a new marketing campaign that aims to turn houses into billboards.

How It Works:
If your home is selected, they will come and paint it 'a la billboard.'  You must commit to 3 months of paint but they may extend the contract for up to 1 year if both parties agree.  After three months, Adzookie will paint your house back the way it once was.   In the meantime, they will pay your mortgage.

Don't stop paying yet...

There is no guarantee your home will be chosen.  Adzookie homes are in high visibility areas.  

Own a condo or town home?  Most likely, your HOA (Home Owners Association) most associations have rules against this kind of thing.  Altering exterior appearance usually results in major fines so do your research before submitting your name.

Thinking about doing it? Here is the link and good luck! 

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