Facebook Stalking Your Real Estate Agent

Facebook Stalking Your Real Estate Agent

There is nothing wrong with doing some good
research before decide to work with someone.  If someone has left their profile, photos, or cryptic status
updates for the world to see- go for it.  Judge.  It's the right thing to do.

(Keep in mind- they are
probably doing the same thing to you)

Google away: linked-in,
facebook, (feel free to judge if they still have an active myspace
page...), whatever you can find.  Just be sure not to slip-up and
mention any personal details you learn, especially during your first
meeting.  We all cyber-stalk but just don't publicly acknowledge it. 
You'll seem like a creep...

The interweb is full of information about every detail of our personal and professional lives.  That being said, using some good social etiquette may save you from spoiling your relationship with your real estate agent.  The Condoist looks at how to do it properly...

Where Is The Line?
Unless you want to be mistaken for John Waters (thank us later), a "poke" is over the line.  As facebook's most tragic feature, it should be reserved only for tweens in love and chat room trolls.  Spare yourself from earning that label

Why Can't We Be Friends?
Use your judgment here.
1.  Why do you want to be friends?

  • The Friend Collector:  Congrats- you have 3000 friends.  Maybe your paperboy, Starbucks barista, and your doorman all appreciated the facebook invite but your agent may not.  Table it for a few weeks and then reassess
  • The Nosy Nancy:  If the profile is blocked- take it as a hint.  This is a red flag for privacy and it in not wise to overstep some clear boundaries
  • Are you trying to date your agent?  This is usually a bad idea.  If you
    think you have chemistry- wait until after you close before trying to
    make any sparks fly
  • You already spend time together socially:  The original purpose of a facebook friend request was that you would connect to your friends.  IF you spend time together socially, you are likely good to go

2. Why not wait?
Waiting isn't always a bad thing.  Their profile will still be there and, if things go sour, you may not want to go through the taboo of 'unfriend-ing' them.

An Agent's Perspective:
Agents have personal lives.  That being said, there are times your agent may have other plans and does not want to tell you that they have a family birthday party this Sunday and that's why they can't take you on showings that day.  Is it really your business? 
Some agents get paranoid and put profiles on lock down to avoid those awkward conversations.  If they are busy, they are busy.

Rescheduling because they were out the night before?  That's just tacky.

The Condoist Says:
Wait until after you close to send a facebook friend request.  It is okay to screen them before working together but let your relationship be just that, a professional working relationship.  If you still want to facebook friend them when all is said and done, go for it.  Just don't be shocked if they put you on limited profile.  

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