Bridgeport Fair Housing Dispute Takes Another Turn

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The House In Questions
Courtesy of the MLS

As many of you may know, there has been a small scandal brewing in the Chicago Real Estate market.  

Back in August, radio deejay and comedian George Wilbourn filed a multi-million lawsuit against a Chicago couple, their real estate agent, and his company amidst allegations of discrimination.

NBC Chicago reported that

Their lawsuit seeks $100 million in punitive damages from Daniel and Adrienne Sabbia, local real estate agents Jeffrey Lowe, The Lowe Group and Midwest Realty and Prudential Rubloff Properties.


Crain's reports that:

The Sabbias agreed in January to sell their 8,000-square-foot home to
Mr. Willborn, but they later refused to sign the contract. Mr. Lowe has
told the government that Daniel Sabbia said "he would prefer not to sell
his home to an African-American," according to the government's

After the deal collapsed, the Sabbias put the home back on the market with an asking price of $1.77 million

What's Going On Now?

Today, Crain's reported not surprisingly that the Sabbias are denying any
wrong doing in this case.  In their first public statement since the
lawsuit was filed, their attorney stated:

"We intend to contest the lawsuits," says Michael J. Kralovec, a partner
in Chicago firm Kralovec Meenan LLP, who represents Daniel and Adrienne
Sabbia. "There are two sides to every story. The courthouses are there
for a reason

The couple claims that Mrs Sabbia had changed her mind about selling and
that was the driving reason for backing out of the deal.  This claim is
complicated by the property being re-listed after the Wilbourn offer was

"No one can understand what my family has gone through," George Willborn
said at a news conference announcing the lawsuit.  "We saw what we
found to be our dream house. ... As Americans we have a right to get it.
" (Source NBC)

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