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VMA's Shocker: Beyonce Pregnant

Beyonce Reveals her news at the VMA's
After many years of speculation and heightened curiosity of “When?” by the public, Beyonce finally announced to the world that she is pregnant tonight at the VMA’s. Beyonce arrive in a long reddish-orange non-form fitting gown with her hair tapered to the side in a flowing ponytail. While in front of the camera’s, she held... Read more »

My Trip To Badu's World

August 27th 2011 was a special night for me. I got the chance to take a trip. A special trip that lasted one night, one hour, and once in my life time. I took a trip to “Badu’s World” ……all by myself. I was dumbfounded because I didn’t know what to expect when I entered... Read more »

All My Single Ladies

Flair TV is staying quite busy this weekend. The line up of interviews & events this weekend has been fun, yet exhausting. However, we were excited to have media access to John Ruffin‘s hit stage play “All My Single Ladies“…. what a catchy title. With as much talent as John Ruffin has we didn’t know... Read more »

Big Boi Presents "The Crown Life"

Telsa Motors, Big Boi, & Crown Royal…..What a lovely combination! Wednesday night Telsa Motors had all the passers-by wondering “What is going on over here?” As you are reading this we are sure you are wondering the same. Crown Royal was announcing “The Crown Life” program and New Artist Signature Series with legendary producer and... Read more »

Macy's Glamorama 2010 is Sensational in the City!

We can call it sensational…magical…spectacular. Even creative would be an understatement because Macy’s 2010 Glamorama was a fashion experience unlike any we’ve ever seen. It’s futuristic approach to debuting fashion trends included digital functionality of screens with audio and video that aestectically presenting abstract images that touched all the senses. The colors were so vivid... Read more »

Pass The damn baton already! Jeesh!

In track, a sprinter runs his course and then passes his baton to therunner waiting up ahead. If  the Baby Boomers could apply this sameprinciples to their respected industries, the world may be better preparedfor the future. The Movers and Shakers in the 50+ generation REFUSE topass the torch to  the new generation of rising... Read more »

Power Of Passion Stageplay Teaches A Good Lesson

Last night, we attended the Power of Passion play at Chicago’s Dusable Museum. It’s seems every seat in the auditorium was filled to see this vivid interpretation of the community’s turbulent streets through the eyes of relatable characters.  The story follows Pinky, a mother  of teen children and the girlfriend of an unfaithful man named... Read more »

Belles Of The Ball at The 'N'don't go' Gala

We looked simply darling in our big poofy dresses. We felt beautiful. We felt like princesses. As a matter of fact, we felt like belles of the ball. (See pics below)  Every year, N’digo Magazine hosts its Annual Gala, a classy affair dedicated to honoring the black socialites and the urban elite. Ordinarily held in downtown amphitheatres, the tickets come with... Read more »

Flair TV Hosts On Garrard McClendon Live!

If you did not tune into CLTV’s Garrard McClendon Live on June  16th then you missed the best segment all year! As we heard the Director say “30 seconds” through the earpiece, we knew for sure our moment was there. We battled high volumes of bumper-to-bumper traffic to get to WGN/CLTV studios in the middle of rush... Read more »

Video Premier: The Shrine's 1 Year Anniversary...Hosted by Flair TV

We’ve offered good proof that that The Shrine’s 1 Year Anniversary was the BOMB! Today we are putting the cherry on the rest of the ice cream sundae. Grab your popcorn and check out the official video premiere of The Shrine’s 1 Year Anniversary…. Hosted by Flair TV Flair TV :     ALSO... Read more »