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Lady Hennessy Model Tocarra in Chicago

Local Chicago Rapper Doughboi & Tocarra
This weekend in Chicago brought nice weather and great events. I had a chance to spend my Saturday evening with the spokesmodel of Hennessy & former America’s Next Top Model contestant Tocarra. The event was held in downtown Hyde Park at the most funkiest clothing store & barber shop, PHLI (pronounced FLY & its acronym... Read more »

You know you're a bad publicist when...

A publicist is defined as a person who publicizes something, esp a press or publicity agent. Despite Webster’s interpretation, it seems majority of the people who hold the title lack a clear understanding of their role. As a working media outlet, we’ve worked with countless publicists over the years. Some were exceptional at their roles while... Read more »

Belles Of The Ball at The 'N'don't go' Gala

We looked simply darling in our big poofy dresses. We felt beautiful. We felt like princesses. As a matter of fact, we felt like belles of the ball. (See pics below)  Every year, N’digo Magazine hosts its Annual Gala, a classy affair dedicated to honoring the black socialites and the urban elite. Ordinarily held in downtown amphitheatres, the tickets come with... Read more »

Top 10 Reasons Why The Chicago "USELESS" League Sucks

As budding entreprenuers, we have networked with many people. During our premature stages, we were given an abundance of advice. Numerous people suggested we should seek assistance from the Chicago Urban League. At first, we were apprehensive but we read their mission statement on their website to find that assisting small businesses is what they... Read more »