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VMA's Shocker: Beyonce Pregnant

Beyonce Reveals her news at the VMA's
After many years of speculation and heightened curiosity of “When?” by the public, Beyonce finally announced to the world that she is pregnant tonight at the VMA’s. Beyonce arrive in a long reddish-orange non-form fitting gown with her hair tapered to the side in a flowing ponytail. While in front of the camera’s, she held... Read more »

All My Single Ladies

Flair TV is staying quite busy this weekend. The line up of interviews & events this weekend has been fun, yet exhausting. However, we were excited to have media access to John Ruffin‘s hit stage play “All My Single Ladies“…. what a catchy title. With as much talent as John Ruffin has we didn’t know... Read more »

Entertainment Wise: Beyonce says "All The PREGNANT ladies..."

We were just talking about Beyonce and her latest over-dramatic presentations. Nooow the rumor mill is churning about her being PREGNANT!…And for real this time. They say Jay-z is going to be a Dad and Solange is going to get to be the Auntie for a change. Maybe that’s why Beyonce’s been putting in overtime with the back-to-back albums,... Read more »

MATH LESSON: X=Beyonce+Lady Gaga; X=Foolishness

Lady G and Bey in the same mathematical equation…Yikes!…Being proactive in exercising the buddy system, we fully believe in the Power of the Duo in most situations except this one. Beyonce and Lady Gaga must’ve pinky swore they’d feature each other on their latest projects. Bey, as her fans and the simple-minded media have coined her,... Read more »

My Grammy Recap.....

Disclaimer: Due to my short attention span this recap is only going to cover the parts that I could concentrate on without getting completely bored. If you are looking for more of an accurate account of events that took place Sunday night, then please visit the thousands of blog sites that obsessed over each second.... Read more »

Grammy Night....

Tonight is Grammy night and the word on the street is that it is a tough competition with names such as; Beyonce, Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga, and Black Eyed Peas up for many awards. Although Flair TV will not be on the red carpet this year, we are sure that the night will be filled... Read more »