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Schwarzenegger, you, you, scoundrel you!

Sarah Palin said his behavior was disgusting.  Media is calling him the “Sperminator” and the “Gropinator”, lol! Maria Shriver has filed for separation and since May 9th, this topic has been a trend all over the TV and web. So what’s the big deal? People cheat every single day. An affair is taking place right... Read more »

New Years 2010...Hmmm...How should I celebrate?

New Years Eve 2005, I was in my early twenties, and super geeked about hanging with my girls at a local nightclub. The $50 cover charge was supposed to include free drinks until midnight, free food, and of course an all night dance party. We got super-cute, dressed to the nines, and wearing our stiletto... Read more »

Lil' Kim Vs. Nicki Minaj...when does the drama really end??

When I was in high school…which was more than ten years ago…I was a HUGE Lil’ Kim fan!! She was a big ticket item back then, so everybody around me was a fan too. Reflecting on her last four albums, I have to say No Time & Crush On You were my all time favorites... Read more »

Willow Smith's setting trends...but breaking school rules? No way!

I know Willow Smith has become such a trend setter but I had no idea I’d hear about it this morning inside of a Target store. She’s cute and spunky, with a little more edge than Punky Brewster debuted when I was a kid. And although I never chose to mimic Punky’s stylistics, girls today... Read more »

Country Club Hills Mayor & staff give us some Geo-Soul...

Country Club Hills Mayor & staff give us some Geo-Soul...
They were warm. They cracked funny jokes. They talked about pop culture. They gave us a side of them that the community likely never gets to see. Who was this, you ask? Dwight Welch, MayorHenrietta Turner, City ManagerMargaret Seltzner, Dir. of CommunicationsChanay Mackey, Risk Manager/HR Dir. The Mayor and Management Team of Country Club Hills... Read more »

Who Throws A Book At The President??!??!?

Who Throws A Book At The President??!??!?
Barack Obama is the first African-American President in The United States. He’s also the first President to have a shoe thrown at him. Are we the only ones who find a lack respect for his position in this county? Well, the media and the bystanders a Rally in Philadelphia would agree after a man threw... Read more »

Pass The damn baton already! Jeesh!

In track, a sprinter runs his course and then passes his baton to therunner waiting up ahead. If  the Baby Boomers could apply this sameprinciples to their respected industries, the world may be better preparedfor the future. The Movers and Shakers in the 50+ generation REFUSE topass the torch to  the new generation of rising... Read more »

Top 10 Reasons Why People Love and Hate Chicago

The Love-Hate Relationship Between You & Chicago   Born, raised, and living in the city, we know Chicago well and have grown to hate and love certain things about it. However, we shared our feelings with our Facebook friends and asked for their valuable opinions. Trust us, they didn’t mind dishing out their personal pet... Read more »

New Leaders Needed...ASAP! Apply Within

Alderman Walter Burnett and Mayor Daley Our nation is in crisis these days! So, there is nothing more despicable than someone posing as a positive Community Influence to only seek the monetary benefits from it. Recently we held a Studio Production for our show hoping to get one community leader to give hope, insight and an... Read more »

Dakota Fanning's old enough for Media Drama! How sweet...

Dakota Fanning is trying to grow up on us. For years she’s been the little girl with the awkward beauty reflected by her hollow eyes and chilling roles. We’ve watched her play the crying, kicking, screaming little girl in 90% of her roles. Hands down…her role in The Secret Life of Bees is my super... Read more »