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Did you hear? Queen Latifah launches a new clothing line...

Queen Latifah’s resume is impressive, with a career spanning more than 20 years. She wears her hats well and her titles aren’t limited to Singer, Actress, & Spokesmodel. In 2009, Queen Latifah launched her fragrance line called “Queen by Queen Latifah”. Shortly after that time, we interviewed her on our show Flair TV, as she... Read more »

Willow Smith's setting trends...but breaking school rules? No way!

I know Willow Smith has become such a trend setter but I had no idea I’d hear about it this morning inside of a Target store. She’s cute and spunky, with a little more edge than Punky Brewster debuted when I was a kid. And although I never chose to mimic Punky’s stylistics, girls today... Read more »

My Grammy Recap.....

Disclaimer: Due to my short attention span this recap is only going to cover the parts that I could concentrate on without getting completely bored. If you are looking for more of an accurate account of events that took place Sunday night, then please visit the thousands of blog sites that obsessed over each second.... Read more »

Who Cut the Sleeves off My Sweater?

As I wake up to a dust of snow on the ground and slightly colder weather than days before, I am plagued by the lack of options in my drawers while I proceed to get ready for my day. In one of previous blogs I stated that you will get to know my personality a... Read more »