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VMA's Shocker: Beyonce Pregnant

Beyonce Reveals her news at the VMA's
After many years of speculation and heightened curiosity of “When?” by the public, Beyonce finally announced to the world that she is pregnant tonight at the VMA’s. Beyonce arrive in a long reddish-orange non-form fitting gown with her hair tapered to the side in a flowing ponytail. While in front of the camera’s, she held... Read more »

Did you hear? Queen Latifah launches a new clothing line...

Queen Latifah’s resume is impressive, with a career spanning more than 20 years. She wears her hats well and her titles aren’t limited to Singer, Actress, & Spokesmodel. In 2009, Queen Latifah launched her fragrance line called “Queen by Queen Latifah”. Shortly after that time, we interviewed her on our show Flair TV, as she... Read more »

Schwarzenegger, you, you, scoundrel you!

Sarah Palin said his behavior was disgusting.  Media is calling him the “Sperminator” and the “Gropinator”, lol! Maria Shriver has filed for separation and since May 9th, this topic has been a trend all over the TV and web. So what’s the big deal? People cheat every single day. An affair is taking place right... Read more »

Actor/Comedian Leslie Neilson dies at 84!!!

If you’ve ever seen any of the Naked Gun movies from the 80s, then you know Leslie Neilson. Surrounded by his wife and friends, the long time actor and comedian died this afternoon in his Florida home at the age of 84. As 80s babies, Neilson is most memorable for us in his role in... Read more »

David Arquette & Courteney Cox are taking a break!?!?!

David Arquette & Courteney Cox are taking a break!?!?!
Most marriages in Hollywood are short-lived. We all know this. We see more celebrities crash and burn in marital bliss than anywhere in the world. Though, when you hear about the separation of long-term relationships like that of David Arquette and Courteney Cox, it makes you ask more questions than normal.        ... Read more »

Music Icon Madonna launches new clothing line

Leggings. Skinny Jeans. Flats. Bangles. Big Hair. Short Dresses.  The 80s fashion trends made a reappearance years ago and are still apart of the wardrobe of fashionistas of all ages. Madonna has recently launched the line with her 13-year old daughter Lourdes Leon who designed the sketches for the new collection with the same 80s flair, lol.  The clothing line... Read more »

'Entourage' Actors Ring The NYSE Closing Bell

Actors Kevin Connolly and Emmanuelle Chriqui visited the New York Stock Exchange to celebrate the seventh season of HBO’s hit comedy series ENTOURAGE which premiered on June 27th.  In season seven, Connolly and Chriqui play newly-engaged couple Eric Murphy and Sloan McQuiewick. The two had the chance to make some noise together and rang The... Read more »

Lady Gaga debuts her new controversial video for "Alejandro"

Lady Gaga is at it again. In one day, 8.3 million people watched the release of her new video “Alejandro” yesterday. While her fans ordinarily anticipate her awkward approach to artistry, some people say she’s taken her abstract thoughts to the next tier. As for the new music video, she’s taken a short page from... Read more »

NO! Not, Blanche!! Say it isn't so....

Late last night at 1am, Rue McClanahan suffered a stroke and passed away. Since the 80s, we’ve been HUGE fans of Golden Girls, still watching the reruns on Cable TV. How could you ever get enough of Blanche’s super sexy and raunchy character? More than 20 years later, we’re still loving the show and still... Read more »

Nick Cannon & Mariah Carey to be parents too!

   First, Beyonce and Jay-Z… …then Alicia Keyes and Swizz Beatz… …and now Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon…Yes, they’ve got the bug too …and that bug has them picking out baby names 8 months early. News leaked yesterday that the married couple was expecting a baby. Get this…Mariah’s publicist says the couple wants to keep... Read more »