Under Hot Stage Lights With Van Hunt

Yesterday we got to be on stage! Now... this does not happen quite often but yesterday was the day. As were are on stage waiting, we knew that once the lights came on something magical was going to happen. In no time, in walks singer/songwriter Van Hunt. His quiet yet unique demeanor captivated our spirits. We did what the Flair Girls always make people do....we made Van laugh. We always entangle our victims into our foolishness. LOL. After a brief introduction, we embraced him into our Flair TV inner sanctum.

Before we get to the goodies, we must say: Those of you who are not familiar with Van Hunt....Shame on you! However, Flair TV is to the rescue. Van Hunt started his humble beginnings living in Dayton, Ohio by a single mother. He grew an interest in playing the drums at age 7, the saxophone at 8, and later combined that with the keyboard and bass. He was a one "boy" band. After relocating to different cities his love of music increased. It wasn't until moving to Atlanta and meeting  some heavy hitters such as Dallas Austin, TLC, and Jermaine Dupri that Van got his break into music. Throughout his career Van has worked with Dionne Farris, Rahsaan Patterson, and Randy Jackson (to name a few). Yes, we are talking about the Randy Jackson from American Idol.With all the experience Van decided to move forward on releasing his first album self-entitled Van Hunt . At that time, his sound was a rock/soul vibe we craved for, and still do.

Now that we gave you very small portion of just who this man is, we encourage you to visit his website www.vanhunt.com to learn more.

We can continue to the goodies! Flair TV had a chance to interview Van Hunt at Schubas. It was very intriguing to learn about man behind the talents. Speaking to him was just as calming as sitting by the ocean side on an Indian summer. Van gave us some insight on his musical journey, label mishaps, and his new baby (compilation), and his old baby (his 7 year old son). The interview was cut too short but the time that was spent with him was well spent. We appreciate him taking the time to talk to us, being on tour is no easy task. We are excited about his independent release of   What Were You Hoping For? and the current single "June" .

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