My Trip To Badu's World

August 27th 2011 was a special night for me. I got the chance to take a trip. A special trip that lasted one night, one hour, and once in my life time. I took a trip to "Badu's World" ......all by myself. I was dumbfounded because I didn't know what to expect when I entered into Badu's world. Will there be incense blowing in the cold air? Will she enter the stage on a satin pillow carried by two husky, sexy, muscular men? .... LOL. I just didn't know what Badu's World would be like.

Before the main entree you always have to have the appetizer (I call it a tease)...right? Well Lorenzo Owens was our tease for the night. He set the tone and sang some oldies but goodies, some of his new jams, and some of his hits; like "Just Wanna See You Smile" & "Better Days" . For those of you that do not remember, Lorenzo Owens got his big break on Oprah when she was running her contest "Pop Star Challenge" . To find out more about this singing sensation visit

After Lorenzo wowed the crowd he took a seat in the audience to also take a trip to Badu's World. We all sat and waited patiently as the seats filled up and we  listened to the sounds of Steve-O on the 1's & 2's keeping us at bay. The background singers enter the stage chanting Erykah's "entrance" music. The crowd starts going banana's after 2 minutes, as they spotted the black SUV that Erykah gets out of to go back stage. As Miss. Badu enters the stage she commands everything.... the audience's attention, the background singers, the stage....even the air. Her confidence and essence take you on a trip you never want to come back from. She started the night off singing some of her old hits, taking us down memory lane. She even threw in some rap on one of her songs, which I thought was pretty dope. An hour seemed like only five minutes because before you knew it Erykah was saying "adieu"; but before she left she gave her audience a special treat. Those in the front seats got to hop on stage while she sang her exiting song. This goes to show you how appreciative Erykah is to each and everyone who supports her.


Following her performance, the luckier ones had the opportunity to either take a picture with her or be apart of the meet & greet. I stayed for the meet & greet, although I would have opted for a picture. However, the meet & greet was not too bad. Erykah had us all sit around her, asked each and every one of us our names, and tried to vibe/connect with us. She apologized that she couldn't take pictures but figured that she wanted to do something special for us. From a journalistic stand point, I really appreciate that. Not many artist would take their time out to sit and chat with you before having to go to their next job (for her it was DJ'ing at Tantrick Night Club for a party). During our ten minute meet & greet Erykah took the time out to explain the concept behind "Window Seat", her artistic decisions, and the meaning of performance art.

All in all, I must say I had a nice trip to Badu's World. I hope that I get to take the trip again with my co-host, our Flair mics in hand, our videographer, and our photographer...Lol.

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