All My Single Ladies

Flair TV is staying quite busy this weekend. The line up of interviews & events this weekend has been fun, yet exhausting. However, we were excited to have media access to John Ruffin's hit stage play "All My Single Ladies".... what a catchy title. With as much talent as John Ruffin has we didn’t know if he would bring Beyonce out from back stage doing her famous dance moves. Sans Beyonce, this play was a HIT!!!


As the lights dimmed, the crowd was first entertained by a performance from a Prince, and then a Michael Jackson impersonator by the name of Ed Hollis. His performance had the crowd howling. We must admit…. He was phenomenal reenacting the dance number to "Smooth Criminal". Everyone tried to capture a piece of that moment with their camera phone. The excitement got the crowd ready for the main attraction….. “All My Single Ladies”!! This play is starring:

  • Darrin Dewitt Henson- BET’s Soul Food/ Stomp The Yard
  • Tony Grant- Tyler Perry’s “Marriage Counselor
  • Chris Bolton- David E. Talberts “Mr. Right Now
  • Richard Gallion- Ebony Jet Model/ “The Ideal Husband
  • Trisha Mann – JD Lawrence’s “Clean Up Woman” / Miss Black Chicago
  •  DeWayne Woods – Gospel Recording Artist “Let Go


With a line up of winners this play was destined for success! Without giving away too much, we will tell you that John Ruffin addresses the question of “Why are a lot of successful young women single?” On the other hand, we will tell you that this play is hilarious, entertaining, very well done, exceptional, and definitely worth your TIME & MONEY. John Ruffin has Flair TV’s total support on any production he puts together. Check out some pictures of our interviews with some of the cast members and our bonus picture.


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