Schwarzenegger, you, you, scoundrel you!

Sarah Palin said his behavior was disgusting. 

Media is calling him the "Sperminator" and the "Gropinator", lol!
Maria Shriver has filed for separation and since May 9th, this topic has been a trend all over the TV and web. So what's the big deal? People cheat every single day. An affair is taking place right now in some part of the world. 
So you know the story right? Schwarzenegger's baby's mama came out of the wood work with his deep dark secret that he'd fathered her child 14 years ago. Woman to woman, our hearts are sympathetic to Maria Shriver because this particular baby's mama was one she trusted: her longtime housekeeper. Sounds a lot like a Maury Povich episode, doesn't it?
That's bad news in my opinion. Wasn't Maria there through the pregnancy? Did she buy her a gift for the baby? Did she celebrate when he was born? Did she ever bring him around Maria? It's so likely she did. And you sit in this woman's lavish living room knowing in your heart of hearts that her husband is the father of your baby. That's just wrong in our opinion. 
And the Sperminator isn't off the hook in our book either. Fourteen years is a long time to keep a secret and even worse when you're the last to know. Celebrity status or not, people are people, and they are always capable of doing the dumbest things. Keep your head up, Maria and remain as graceful and happy as you can be in front of the lens...and wait until you're behind closed doors to ball your eyes or plot your revenge, lol. 


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  • "Sarah Palin said his behavior was disgusting."

    And moving your teen-aged daughter's boyfriend into the house isn't? Slaughtering from a helicopter isn't? Mis-using political power isn't? Just be too damned dumb to be believed isn't?

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