Lady Hennessy Model Tocarra in Chicago

This weekend in Chicago brought nice weather and great events. I had a chance to spend my Saturday evening with the spokesmodel of Hennessy & former America's Next Top Model contestant Tocarra. The event was held in downtown Hyde Park at the most funkiest clothing store & barber shop, PHLI (pronounced FLY & its acronym is "I Love Hyde Park" backwards). This quaint spot held many anticipating male patrons waiting to get their first glance at the diva.

While Hennessy sponsored their signature drinks: Hennessy Berry, Hennessy Lime and many more. The DJ made sure his skills at the turn table made us feel nothing but good vibes. After spending some time mingling Tocarra appears in the crowd smiling, laughing, and taking pictures with many fans. I was able to make my way over her and chat for a bit while asking for a quick photo, which she obliged (see below). The night was filled with good times! Those who made it know what I am talking about and those who did not, please be sure to next time.
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Photo by Flair TV/ Polymed Pictures


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