Flair TV: Tia Mowry & Cory Hardrict

The many times that I have been to WGCI, I've never had the chance to experience their Coca-Cola Lounge. Decked out in Red, Black, & White (Ironically Flair TV's colors) this quaint room has held interviews with some of your favorite celebs. The interviews that transpire in the CC Lounge take place like no other interview at WGCI. Not only does the CC Lounge provide an intimate setting that allows a fan to get up close and personal; but the interviews that take place in this room are broadcast live on the web. Cool Huh?!


Connie, WGCI's radio personality, pumps the crowd and introduces Cory Hardrict & Tia Mowry-Hardrict to the stage. Tia Mowry, best know for Sister, Sister & The Game, walks out sporting her bun in the oven and Cory Hardrict, the Battle: Los Angeles star, follows her with a zest of confidence & excitement.


First topic of discuss was Battle: Los Angeles, which hit theatres on March 11th, if you haven't seen it you are truly missing a great film. Flair TV got a chance to get a glance of the film before it hit theatres at the Chicago premier of the film. (Check out our experience here.). Connie and Cory chatted about his seasoned acting career. With television credits such as Lincoln Heights, The Game- along side his wife, CSI, Cold Case, ER and many more; this was a proud moment for Cory to be able to have the opportunity to introduce a film that he is featured in. As Cory constantly jokes "I live through the whole movie", you can tell that he also loves being able to enjoy this moment with his loving wife by his side. During the whole interview the two of them have a bond that is undeniable. Mr. & Mrs. Hardrict share with us how they met, where they've been, and where they are going...together.


Interviewing the Hardrict's is so seamless that they take the formality out of the equation. "I do not feel like I am interviewing anyone, I feel like I am at home with family", stated Connie. I know that feeling from first hand experience. (Check out our interview with The Hardrict's) I must say that my time in the Coca-Lounge was enjoyable, I am pretty sure that this had to do with the people being interviewed. I actually discovered that Cory is not as quiet and shy as I thought. He is a pretty funny guy with a great sense of humor. It was delightful to learn more about the two most adorned black couple on television. To learn more about them yourself....


Go to WGCI's site to see more of the interview!

Be sure to check out Battle: Los Angeles in theatres!

Also, you can see a new episode of The Game every Tuesday on BET...


Photos By: Flair TV/ Nekia Nichelle  


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