New Years 2010...Hmmm...How should I celebrate?


New Years Eve 2005, I was in my early twenties, and super geeked about hanging with my girls at a local nightclub. The $50 cover charge was supposed to include free drinks until midnight, free food, and of course an all night dance party. We got super-cute, dressed to the nines, and wearing our stiletto heels to find there was a small pan of jambalya, watered down drinks in tiny cups and a party that felt like any other club night. There were no party favors of any kind, not even noise makers. Was I supposed to bring my own?  And get this...The DJ, (and I wish I knew his name because I'd surely list it) didn't even count us down into the new year! Can you believe that!

So from 11:58pm-12:05am different groups of party-goers celebrated in their own way at their own time, depending on when they realized the time. The girls and I were on the dance floor watching the time on our cell phones when the clock struck 12:00pm. We screamed, cheering and took photos with our digital cameras.
I can say this. I had a great time talking and laughing with the girls and cutting it up on the dance floor.

I'll fast forward five years and reflect on the last few New Years Eve spent at someone's private new years eve party or enjoying my family at my parents' house. And yet again 12 months have rolled by on the calendar and the universal question of "What Are You Doing For New Years?" has come up again. While I'm uncertain of this year's plans as of yet, I know I don't see myself swallowed up in somebody's cramped, overpriced nightclub, However, no matter what I do, I'll be happy smiling, laughing, eating good food, and most importantly being around the people I care about the most. And that combination is priceless...

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