The Toffee Twins "For Colored Girls" Movie Review

Saturday, more than ten of us ladies gathered at the ICON movie theatre in Chicago's South Loop area. Keinika Carlton, owner of Planned Essentials Event Planning, created an awesome outing for the girls to get out together, fellowship, dine, and see For Colored Girls at 1:00pm. Without giving the movie away, here's our personal reviews on the major box office hit that brought women out in droves this weekend.


Tyler Perry has done it!. He has found the golden nugget in the sea of life for women. For Colored Girls is a movie about finding the inner beauty of a woman, irregardless of her race, background, social class or experience. Though the characters represented in the movie are African-American, a precious unity existed in that movie theatre on Saturday afternoon. I felt a connection with the different women in that film who have relationships with men in some way. I identified myself in some of the situations and identified friends and family members in other parts of it. Similar situations created common ground. Critics say the film bashes men and that it has negative content. However, there are bad men out here (of all races) and there are bad situations that women go through in love and relationships. This story is a real and true adaptation with a script entranced in the beauty of pure emotion, poetry and prose. It is a must-see for women, set to encourage us to be strong and fearless in our plight to love, live and grow emotionally. Its also a motivating force for women to take a stand against those negative relationships that we have all been in, or know someone who has. This is in fact, Tyler Perry's best work. Every character sold it on that screen, leaving hearts heavy and full, and celebrating the things that the everyday woman goes through. It was a beautiful work of art. If you haven't already, please make time to see it.

Nekia Nichelle

For weeks I anticipated the premier of Tyler Perry's new movie For Colored Girl. As I stepped into Icon Showplace Theatre to catch my first glimpse, I realized so were so many other women. This movie stars a star studded line up of actresses painting a vivid picture of different women's lives. Without spoiling the movie, I will tell you that I think that this is one of Tyler's better films. I truly believe that all women should definitely take the time to go see it.  Each woman's plight has a profound message that was conveyed to you in the most vivid way. The movie is definitely deep and will take you on a roller coaster ride of emotions. There were moments that I cried, laughed, and smiled. If there is anything that you will leave with after seeing this movie is a greater sense of value, self-worth, and love for yourself and for other women that you may or may not know.    


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