Willow Smith's setting trends...but breaking school rules? No way!

I know Willow Smith has become such a trend setter but I had no idea I'd hear about it this morning inside of a Target store. She's cute and spunky, with a little more edge than Punky Brewster debuted when I was a kid. And although I never chose to mimic Punky's stylistics, girls today are following suit. And her single "Whip My Hair" is climbing the charts quickly!

So back to Target...There's a lady in line who angrily recaps how her daughter's school called to inform her that babygirl couldn' t wear her hair like Willow's. She told school officials that she never read anywhere in their policies that her daughter couldn't have a her head shaved. The story doesn't seem quite over, since she never mentioned the resolution.

But my eavesdropping had me thinking while I waited behind her in line. Does the school really have the right to deny her daughter's hairstyle? What could the consequences be for such a minor issue? Detention? Suspension? Expulsion? This could be the start of an epidemic and little girls all over the nation will be rocking one-sided buzz cuts. Will it be okay then after the trend is officially adopted? Maybe it's a private school, too strict to ever bend the rules no matter how archaic they are. But then again, I went to private schools and they weren't too strict.

I don't know...but I'll tell you one thing,..With so much ridiculous music out here about sex, violence, and material possessions, I'll vouch for Miss Willow. Her music has the right amount of energy, excitement and motivation for the young and old alike. I sing it every time it comes on the radio...and loudly!...lol


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