Who Throws A Book At The President??!??!?

Who Throws A Book At The President??!??!?

Barack Obama is the first African-American President in The United States.

He's also the first President to have a shoe thrown at him.

Are we the only ones who find a lack respect for his position in this county? Well, the media

and the bystanders a Rally in Philadelphia would agree after a man threw a book at Mr. President yesterday. Apparently the guy was an author who wanted Obama to read the book. In a perfect world we get it. He wanted to take advantage of his once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get his prose in the hands our beloved leader. But what was he reaaallly expecting??? For Obama to squat down, pick it up, shout him out in the audience, read a chapter out loud and invite him over to the White House to discuss it over dinner with the family! Yea, that would be far-fetched but so is hurling a book onto a stage in the middle of the President's speech.

What if he had hit Obama? Or one of the bystanders? Or knocked down a piece of the staging?

Anything could have happened, for Pete's sake!!...whoever he is. Maybe he's the book author. And maybe he's the goofball who streaked naked through that same rally after being paid by a CEO to sport the logo of a his corporation. Only in America...only in America.

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