Celebrating Bishop Brazier at Rainbow Push HQ

Celebrating Bishop Brazier at Rainbow Push HQ

It's been just two weeks since we lost Gospel legend Albertina Walker. Yet, Chicago's hearts


are heavy again in the passing of Bishop Arthur M. Brazier, a man whose contributions to the community are still making a positive impact. Rainbow Push Headquarters were full today, encompassing Bishop Brazier's family, friends and long time supporters during its scheduled weekly broadcast. Rev. Clay Evans described Bishop Brazier as a "transformer", characterizing the progressive efforts of the community and civil rights activist. Rev. Leon Finney gave a chilling speech, reminiscent of his life and times with Bishop Brazier while Jesse Jackson Jr. gave personal sentiments of how blessed it was to know him. In Rainbow Push tradition, the day included a number of special guests including Actress Jackee Harry.

The Mass Choir's voices bolted through the auditorium singing "I'll Trade A Life Time."

1190392228_Bishop Brazier.jpg

Rev. Jackson dedicated the classic gospel hymn "Precious Lord" to the late Bishop, while JD Lawrence and Tony Grant served the beautiful lyrics amongst the music medley. The organs played on and the spirit of a leader spread through the auditorium. His legacy of giving to and standing up for the people has evidently made a difference in so many lives. Rainbow Push distributed free food baskets today and Rev. Jackson continued to encourage us all to vote early in the coming election. Civil Rights activists like Bishop Brazier, Rev. Jackson and Dr. King fought to eliminate segregation and promote equality.   

Precious Lord, Lead me on, Let me stand. I am weak, but I'm tired. Through the storm, through the night. Lead me on to the light.

At 89 years old, Bishop Brazier was a fighter until the end. After 40+ years as Pastor of The Apostolic Church of God in the city's Woodlawn neighborhood, he retired in 2008, passing leadership to his son Byron Brazier. The spirit of Bishop Brazier lives in the heart of the city and the community at best. 

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