Toffee Twins celebrate The Regal Discovery Tour

The afternoon at the Buick Regal Discovery Tour was the unique culinary and travel experience it promised to be. The private event gives every person the VIP treatment, marking Chicago as the first stop of a major multi-city tour. Settled in the Kendall College of Culinary Arts, the well-planned 3 hour session started with wide grins and gripped hands. By that, we mean gripped around the steering wheel of a brand new vehicle that featured the insatiable new car smell. Yes! We were among the attendees who test drove the 2011 Buick Regal. The car is beautiful inside and out, sleek and contemporary, and showing luxurious maturity since its predecessors. The car deserves a driver who is chic, savvy, motivated, and stylish. Our Buick rep Barbara enticed us with a laundry list of fresh amenities including DVD player, XM Satellite Radio, and GPS Navigation System. While we considered a new vehicle lease, Buick rep Jack escorted us to the remainder of the experience.

An expert mixologist wowed the crowds with delightful drink specials and down the hall we were all ears for the presentation from Travel & Leisure Magazine Editor Stirling Kelso. She schooled our group on tips for effective packing and presented the best new phone apps for travel info and resources. We downloaded Kayak and Trapster into our Android phones immediately. Next, we got a quick dose of chocolate and sugar from the delectable treat known as Cake Balls. Michelle Garcia, owner of Bleeding Heart Bakery here in Chicago shared her background, experience on The Food Network challenges, and just how the dessert came to be. Chocolate cake and frosting surrounded by confections is a pastry treat worth having anytime. Dessert before dinner is usually unusual except at The Buick Regal Tour. While Marcus Samuelsson is best known for his succulent contributions on The Food Network, he was a highlight on the tour teaching us how to prepare two dishes so tasty you won't want to share with anyone. As a close to such a splendid afternoon, Marcus signed free cookbooks for all of his guests. Now, we can cook up lots of delicious meals just like we're on The Food Network.

We're especially grateful to John Casmon at Buick, the entire team who put this awesome event together and those who worked to make it a smooth and enjoyable process. The Tour continues in other cities so take our advice and check it out if it's in your area. Tell them Chundria & Nekia Nichelle sent you ;-)

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