Macy's Glamorama 2010 is Sensational in the City!

We can call it sensational...magical...spectacular. Even creative would be an understatement because Macy's 2010 Glamorama was a fashion experience unlike any we've ever seen. It's futuristic approach to debuting fashion trends included digital functionality of screens with audio and video that aestectically presenting abstract images that touched all the senses. The colors were so vivid and deep. The model lines were precise and exact without one fiasco or wrong turn. Every model beauty, male or female had charisma, distinction and most importantly the strongest walks in the city. Everything was so prepared and so on point that it all appeared timeless... and that was just the dress rehearsal! Despite that fact, Macy Gray gave a beautiful performance, wearing a long white dress. Her voice spewed out to the audience in the Chicago Theatre. Eric Hutchinson, all charm and melody, blessed the room with his tender vocals and breezy guitar instrumenation. The beautiful music was intertwined with the latest and greatest fashionable artwork from the industry's grandest designers. Marc Jacobs...Just Cavalli...Material Girl..Sonia Rykel...just to name a few. The entire show mirrored that of a Broadway production encompassing dance, story lines, costumes, and mood evoking music. Overall, Glamorama is a splendid Chicaog tradition never to be missed.



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